“You’re Lucky You’ve Lost Weight”

“You’re lucky you’ve lost weight.”

“You have it easy because you’re young.”

“Bet it feels nice to be able to put on smaller jeans. I wouldn’t know.”

These are among the many snide comments I receive almost daily from one of my obese relatives.

She hates when I weigh in lighter. She hates when I wear old pairs of jeans that previously didn’t fit over my thighs.  She hates my small meal portions.  And honestly, it feels like she hates me.

Almost every day she throws a fit about how “fortunate” and “blessed” I am to be losing weight.  As if some magical otherworldly force is responsible for the 25 pounds I’ve dropped thus far, and not my own diligence.

I’ve lost weight because I try.  I try so hard.  Every. Single. Day.

I’ve given up foods I love.  I’ve given up soda, juice, and iced lattes.  I’ve given up sweets.  I’ve given up alcohol.  I’ve given up on the sensation of being full.  I’ve given up on the idea of “comfort food”.  I go to bed hungry most nights and combat cravings.  I drink enough water to leave me pissing like a racehorse and get a workout running to the bathroom 15 times a day.

It is not luck.

You sit on your ass 24/7 munching on pretzels, chips, and candy.  I watched you eat an entire Halloween-sized bag of chocolate in a week.  I’ve never seen a drop of liquid pass your lips that wasn’t booze or soda.

You are many things, but you are not too old.  You’re not unlucky.

You are lazy.  You are entitled.

You are weak.


I am not.



You are not Body Positive.

You are not body positive.

You are an asshole.

Things “Body Positivity” isn’t:

  • Pro Athletic
  • Pro Anorexia
  • Pro Obesity
  • Pro Gigantic Titties
  • Pro Booty
  • Pro Any Eating Disorder Ever
  • Pro x-Body Type Preference

Things “Body Positivity” IS:

  • Pro Happiness


Everyone has the right to their own bodies.  We already know it is unhealthy to be too heavy or too skinny.  We know that, scientifically, there is a balance.  We also know that despite those facts, many people still don’t give a fuck and choose to look the way they want and live the lives they choose to live.


Don’t call yourself body positive if you think everyone should be a size 0.

Don’t call yourself body positive if you think everyone should be a size 22.

Don’t call yourself body positive if you think everyone should fit your ideals of however your bullshit insecurity makes you feel about yourself.

If a fat girl decides she wants to lose weight and work out — be happy for her. Don’t call her fake.

If a skinny girl decides she wants to revise her eating and try to bulk up — be happy for her.

She isn’t fake. She isn’t you.  Stop reflecting and forcing your shitty self-esteem on the rest of the world because no one has to be like you.