Happy 10 lbs to Me! & Project Update

Last night I finally hit my first mini goal of ten pounds — I am absolutely ecstatic since I plateaued on the same pound for an entire fucking week.  I know, I know, in terms of plateaus that isn’t that long, but it felt like forever! Do you know how taunting it was to be stuck on 9 pounds for an entire week with one of my bucket list cross-offs just dangling in front of my nose?


Today was also weigh-in day for my weight loss challenges, and I am happy to announce that I am now half way to my goal for the October-December 20 Pound Challenge.  We’re going to fucking slay this.

I’ve been working on a bit of a personal project that also ties in with my life goals bucket list (which I will be making a checklist post about shortly) — I am writing a book.  Now, I’ve got a few short fictional pieces sitting on the backburner half-written as I wait for the inspiration to proofread them.  But this book is actually applicable to most of you who follow my blog.  It’s a weight loss book.


What is This…A Meal Plan For Ants? will be my first real book.  I’ve been busting my ass writing segments and formatting for the past two weeks.  While there is no estimated publish date as of yet, I am very excited.  I will be self-publishing for Kindle through Amazon.  If things go well, I may take a stab at publishing in print in the future.

I am aware that I am by no means a dietary expert – but I am extremely passionate.  My book will tackle all the subjects I feel most strongly about and offer my own personal solutions to overcoming them.  Of course, as it’s written by me, you can expect there to be a good deal of sassy language in it.  Probably not as thick as my blog is with it, but it will definitely be there.  No sensitivity allowed.

I’ll keep you all updated as it progresses!


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