What They Don’t Tell You About Weight Loss, Realization #1

Nobody gives a shit about your weight.

I’ve been heavy my whole life, so I’m very accustomed to the idea that everyone is constantly judging you quietly and the main thought at the forefront of their mind while talking to you is, “Damn, how long do I have to keep looking at this cow?”  While I’m sure that’s true for some, those likely aren’t the people you’re associating with regularly. If they are, please, ditch them for something more enjoyable.  You’re better than that.  

When I started losing weight one month ago, I was (okay, still am) very excited to proudly announce every pound less of me there was.  I’d tell my boyfriend, my mom, my grandparents, Twitter, Instagram, that cute old lady at the supermarket.  Fuck, I’d tell people I didn’t even know because to me, it was a huge deal.  Losing weight consumes the very center of your life and thoughts.  Every pound is a victory and deserves to be celebrated.  Unfortunately, you need to be happy with the idea of celebrating alone.

Don your party hat, bucko.  Toot toot.

The first couple pounds, my family was pretty supportive.  “Good job!” and a gradual slow in offering me sweets.  After about 5 pounds or so, their enthusiasm started to dwindle.  This morning, at 9 pounds, they honestly seemed like they couldn’t care less.  I guess that’s because they couldn’t.  My weight doesn’t affect them.  My health does not benefit or hinder their existence.  They probably aren’t thinking about how dedicated I am throughout the day.  It’s a sad truth, but people usually don’t care much about other people.  The only person who has to this day maintained a consistent amount of encouragement towards me is my partner, and I am extremely fortunate to have someone who engages in my feelings thoroughly.  When I struggle, he does too, and he has absolutely been my cheerleader through this journey thus far.  Sadly, I am an exception and not the norm.  Odds are, you probably won’t have the huge support system you were hoping for (and maybe expecting) when you began your journey.  It’s so important to be losing weight for yourself and not someone else because of this.  If you truly want something, you can be your own support system.


TD;DR Section for you nerds who want to read a blog without actually reading a blog:

  • Your friends and family don’t give a rats ass about your quinoa.
  • Be your own best friend, because no one else wants to.

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